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Dosh drains: Where the money goes

Students have thousands of pounds to spend, but somehow it never seems to go far. So, apart from fees, where does it all go?
Rent and housing
Academic Costs
Having fun
Costs you might forget about More

Is it worth it?

Estimates of what a degree costs vary from around 18,000 up to the silly side of fifty grand. So the $64,000-dollar question is is it a worthwhile investment?
A quick guide to student funding
The student calculator
... More

Student finance: ponder points

Cash for questions? Well, not really - more like questions about cash and why you should ask them. More

Empty-pocket survival

Even Chaucer made jokes about cash-strapped scholars (honest – check out 'The Reeve's Tale'), but today's students push being broke to new depths of brokenness. This is your chance to learn the cheapster method: the tricks and tips of the professional penny-pincher. More

Student Discounts

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Prepare Yourself Financially for University

Take this quiz to see just how ready you are for financial independence at university.

Become an Instant Expert on Student Finance and Budgeting

The quick, simple and definite guide to student funding... More

January Saving Tips: Rise of the Superscrimping Students

January is a tough month for most, but most of you lucky students get a rather large injection into your accounts. Here are a few tips on how to make it last...

How to Pay your own way through University

Now, more than ever, you would-be students are worried about the finances of university, and rightly so! If you haven't already thought about getting a part-time job to pay your way, maybe now is the time to give it some serious consideration. Have we sparked your interest yet? Then please, read on...