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What to pack

So you’ve got your place, you know where you’ll be living, and you’ve had your final goodbye blowout. Now comes the tricky bit – what the Alan Bennett do you pack? Well, calm yourself, take a seat and we’ll tell you. Before we start though, two simple rules:

1. Don’t bring anything that you mind being lost/stolen/broken/vomited on/used as a sex toy by your room mate, or that you can’t physically lift.

2. The words ‘practical’ and ‘economical’ should be etched onto your brain. You’ll have plenty else to do other than marvel over your collection of priceless, hand-carved-by-hobbits Lord of the Rings figurines.

Now that’s out of the way, here are some of the things you might find handy. They’re only guidelines – this isn’t a Scouting expedition, after all. If in doubt, check with the university’s accommodation office about what might be provided in halls, or with the landlord if you’re going into private housing. Oh, and don’t go crazy buying everything brand new – beg, borrow and buy second-hand. And learn to love Poundstretcher.



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