When do you check your emails?

Jugglers have been hospitalised with RSI for trying to keep as many balls in the air as the average student. There's the studying, making the money stretch, earning a bit extra, getting some CV points, having a social life – and that's all before anything goes wrong and your landlord screws you, your boy/girlfriend stops doing so and you're getting an inexplicable rash. Never fear: Push rides to the rescue with the all-purpose survival guide to student life…

Student housing

From castle to cardboard, student accommodation really varies and trying to study in an ice cold shoebox is not the fast track to a good degree.
Do you want to live in or live out?
Issues for living in
Issues for living out
Interview with the 'Editors'
What are my renting rights?
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Freshers' week: settling in

What to expect from your first week at university - when the pace is faster than curry through a dog and the main topics of conversation are home towns, A level grades and UCAS codes. Read on for Push's tips to surviving the fray...
Will it be easy to settle in?
What's a realistic budget for freshers' weeks?
Dosh drains: where the money goes  
• Costs you might forget about


What to pack

So you got your place at Sometown University, are your prepared? Push's advice on making sure you take what you need with you and hit the ground running. More

International students

British degrees are a mark of quality and refinement. Don't it just make ya proud? Push outlines why international students might want a Great British education, and how much it might cost. More

Students with disabilities

The good news is that unis want to make life as easy as possible for students with disabilities. There's a host of other resources out there too. Read on for Push's low-down...
All the small print: finance for real people
How to choose the right uni
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What postgraduates need to know

Postgrads: Some people just can't kick the habit. They take one degree and just need to get that fix year after year. The serious junkies ending up dealing education to younger victims just starting out. These people need special help – or at least, they have different issues to think about when picking a uni.
Postgraduate fees
Postgraduate welfare
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My Freshers' Week

By a student who's been there, done that and brought the fresher's hoodie

More than a degree

There's more to choosing a uni than what you study. Push has fingered 6 factors that will really make difference to whether you enjoy it, whether you do well, whether you can afford it and what the memories will be.
Making the most of student life
• Student housing: Choosing where to live
• You've handed in your essay, so what else is there to do? 
What welfare provisions should you expect?
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Getting a job

Sadly, student life is not all about books, booze or beating your all-time high Tombraider score. Whether it's your dream job or shelf-stacking to pay off your library fines, Push gives you the skinny on the wonderful world of work. More

Study Advice

Lectures, tutorials, seminars, skiving - the lingo of learning, like the language of love - can be a tricky tiger to tame. See here for Push's patented study kit. More

Welfare: what to do when it all goes wrong

Serious problems? Having trouble assembling your 'Flurk' Ikea shelving? Unis and unions should look after you – after all, you are paying these guys. More