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Work placements, internships and volunteering are all forms of work experience - have you boosted your CV or UCAS Form this summer by doing some of these?

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Writing a personal statement

The personal statement on a UCAS form is a chance to convince the people who pick who they want for their courses that there’s more to you than exams and a date of birth.

Many universities have given up doing interviews (some never did) because, as student numbers have increased and funding’s become scarcer, they simply don’t have the time. That means the 47 lines in the personal statement are increasingly the best and only chance to convince anyone you’re the right person for the course. No pressure.

Never be afraid to sell yourself and big up your wondrous attributes and talents. Work on the basis that, if you don’t think you’re great, why would anyone else?

We can’t tell you what to put in your statement – really, it’s whatever you’ve got to offer – but here are some useful dos, don’ts and what-are-you thinking-ofs that may help:

Last updated on: 21 November 2008

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