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University of Strathclyde


Sex Ratio (M:F): 49:51 Full-time undergraduates: 11,540
Applications per place:n/a
Points range: 120-360
Flunk rate: 11.9% Unemployed after 6mths: 5.7%
Booze Index: £2.22 Av. housing cost per week: £68.95
Av. debt per year: £726 Access fund: £8,000
 Cost of living: £££  

Spread across a few hills, Strathclyde University is right in the middle of Glasgow’s central business district, within easy crawl of its bars, clubs and cultural gems...more detail Apart from the original redbrick University building, the campus is a collection of brutalist post-60s structures that blend seamlessly into the city. The smaller, near-autonomous Education campus (complete with the biggest education library in Scotland) is about five miles away at Jordanhill. Most of the student body hails from western Scotland and are keen to speed through university and pop out the other end with a tasty job...more on academic Strathclyde likes to try new teaching methods and has taken a particular shine to the idea of cyberspace as a learning environment. The Students’ Association’s a tightly run ship with a bar-blessed entertainments programme...more on the SU The University has its fair share of sporting victories, particularly in curling and sailing...more on sports First years from over 25 miles away are guaranteed a room...more on housing Bursaries lean towards the somersaulting, cartwheeling, sporty types...more on welfare

Woohoo: Bars and nightlife aplenty 
Boohoo: Non-locals can feel left out of the fun
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