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University of Bradford


Sex Ratio (M:F): 47.5: 53.5 Full-time undergraduates: 9,580
Applications per place: 4
Points range: 160-340
Flunk rate: 8.8% Unemployed after 6mths: 12.9%
Booze Index: £1.76 Av. housing cost per week: £55.27
Av. debt per year: £5,685 Access fund: £498,088.72
Cost of living: ££

Historically a dense, industry-driven town, Bradford is one of the UK’s ten largest cities and is (at times, fairly) written off as a grim, gritty northern city. However, amid the 60's concrete architectural chaos and traffic ‘mares, there are pretty bits dotted around and a £30m regeneration on the cards. The campus is close to the city centre and is compact, modern and high-rise, springing to life on a Monday morning and slipping into a coma at weekends – probably because of the large number of local and mature students...more detail It’s a laidback, ethnic melting pot with a decent social scene that leans heavily on local heavyweights Manchester and Leeds for fireworks (although its curry scene provides fireworks of an entirely different sort altogether)...more on entertainment Politically, though, it’s alive and kicking up a fuss...more on the SU Vocational courses are at the centre of attention and placement/sandwich years are commonplace...more on academic Campus accommodation could do with more than a power-hose of paint, but all first years can be housed on campus and external rents are as cheap as Lidl baked beans anyway...more on housing Ten half-fee scholarships for internationals and a range of other bursaries and awards...more on welfare

Woohoo: Housing as cheap as Lidl baked beans
Boohoo: Bradford would rather have a Horlicks and a bed time story than a shot of Sambuca and a boogy
Tel: (0800) 073 1225
E-mail: course-enquiries@bradford.ac.uk
Website: www.bradford.ac.uk

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