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University of Abertay Dundee


  • Formerly Dundee Institute of Technology
Sex ratio (M:F): 50:50 Full-time undergraduates: 4,245
Applications per place: 4
Points range: 120-280
Flunk rate: 17.5%
Unemployed after 6mths: 10.5%
Booze Index: 1.88
Av. housing cost per week: £73.15
Av. debt per year: £3,170
Access fund: £240, 694.65

Enjoying a snappy rivalry with its neighbour, Dundee University, Abertay sits in the middle of the half-refurbed, half soaked-in-history city of Dundee. It’s split into five chunks, ranging from a 16th-century castle to the modern student centre. The University’s been nipped and tucked over the past few years so, while parts of it look like Joan Collins in the morning, others resemble a radiant and freshly groomed Cheryl Cole...more detail There are a lot of local students, saving their pennies by living at home. The atmosphere’s chummy and techie. Its four schools cover business, computing, science and social/health sciences...more on academic There's space for anyone who wants to live in the reasonably kitted out halls, so long as they don't mind cooking for themselves. First years get first bite at the cherry...more on housing Disabled access varies from building to building, but policies, attitudes and a specially designed library are accommodating. A cool £100,000 sloshes around in the hardship fund, as well as a raft of other funds and bursaries...more on welfare 

Woohoo: Wider Access policy: all ages, abilities and nationalities welcome
Boohoo: Societies are dissapearing faster than Brucey's hair.
Tel:(01382) 308 000
E-mail: sro@abertay.ac.uk 
Website: www.abertay.ac.uk

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