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Uni Chooser

The world's most powerful tool to help you find your perfect university. Push has developed its own 'sift'n'sort' technology to help you narrow down the choice to a shortlist and put it in your own order of preference using over 200 criteria. You just gotta try this thing.

Once you've done that, the rest of this bit of the site runs through the other things to consider in finding your ideal university: what to consider and why, how the universities differ and what difference the differences make, and where to get advice and who to trust.
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How to choose a uni

Push busts the myths and gives the ultimate guide to how to choose the right university for you.

Making your own uni shortlist
• Why should I go to uni?
What matters when choosing a uni?
Student housing: choosing where to live
What is uni actually like?


How to choose the right course

The Push peeps have popped into every uni to help you pick the right subject – or subjects – to study.

The UCAS tariff table: what grades do I need?
• How to determine which uni is best for your course
Which is the best uni in the UK?


Thinking ahead: getting a career

After the black gown, the silly hat and the roll of paper, what next? The world is waiting – your career starts here.

What do you want from uni?
Considering courses: what do you enjoy doing?
Same name, but... how do courses differ?
Getting the facts: where to turn


What postgraduates need to know

Postgrads: Some people just can't kick the habit. They take one degree and just need to get that fix year after year. The serious junkies ending up dealing education to younger victims just starting out. These people need special help – or at least, they have different issues to think about when picking a uni.
Postgraduate fees
Postgraduate welfare
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I'd just like to add...

Fed up of the Push preacher hogging the pulpit? Aching to add something? Get typing and contribute. More

Gap Year Zone

From Scaling Everest to trekking through the jungle, Push gives you the low-down on gap years
Taking a gap year
10 things to try on a gap year
The costs of a gap year

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What mature students need to know

Contrary to stereotype, ‘mature’ isn’t just a euphemism for armchairs and pension packets. Students from 21 upwards are technically mature students. But while you might still party with the kids, the good news is you don’t have to. Push gives the low-down on what’s on offer.

Where can I live?
Will I fit in?


Choosing in a climate of spending cuts

Spending cuts are causing serious problems for universities, so how do you pick a uni when their pockets are empty? More

Why bother with uni?

These days 44% of people choose to go on to university or higher education when they leave school or college. Push guides you through the reasons why.

A yearnin' for learnin'
A wider education
Steroids for the rat race
Is it worth going during the recession?