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Roehampton University


  • Formerly Roehampton Institute
Sex Ratio (M:F) 25:75
Full-time undergraduates: 6.175
Applications per place: 4.5
Points range: 200-360
Flunk rate: 7.7% Unemployed after 6mths: 11.6%
Booze Index: £2.18 Av. housing cost per week: £106.04
Av. debt per year: £5,179 Access fund: £320,000
Cost of living: £££

Roehampton University’s four colleges have been one happy family since 1975 and became a fully-feathered University in 2004. Close to both Richmond Park and the West End, it’s well-placed whether you prefer the great outdoors or the Big Smoke...more on entertainment The students of each College tend to hang together, but with teaching taking place on a University-wide level, there’s still a strong sense of overall community...more detail While Roehampton is renowned for its teaching and education courses, it does offer a range of other courses too, including Arts, Business and Social Sciences. Degree structures are extremely flexible, with many possible module combinations...more on studying Three of the Colleges have a strong religious heritage, but these days the focus is more secular. Student needs are diverse and the large number of SU officers reflects this...more on the SU Roehampton’s sporting transformation looks like something from an advert for the Charles Atlas course, and has introduced new facilities and scholarships...more on sports £1000 a year for high UCAS scores, £500 for those with full maintenance grants and plenty of non-financial support for those who need it...more on wellbeing/money

Woohoo: A green oasis in the capital
Still a little defined by its roots 

Tel: (020) 8392 3000
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