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Queen Mary, University of London


  • Formerly Queen Mary & Westfield College, London
  • The College is part of the University of London and students are entitled to use its facilities
Sex ratio (M:F) 50:50
Full-time undergraduates: 11,262
Applications per place: n/a
Points range: 260-360
Flunk rate: 6% Unemployed after 6mths: 10.3%
Booze Index: £2.11 Av. housing cost per week: £96.28
Av. debt per year: £6,420 Access fund: £271,796
Cost of living: ££££

Somewhere between London's Docklands and the City can be found Queen Mary's University, a variety pack of buildings that don't match and students from every background, all getting along together... more detail  Students work hard, party hard and come back for seconds. The libraries are thick with a swot-inspiring atmosphere...and books...more on academic The SU has a society for everyone, almost literally there are so many of them...more on the SU Sports-wise Queen Mary's has a range of teams and the facilities are enough to inspire even hardened couch potatoes to have a go at breaking a sweat...more on sports Queen Mary's does its best to house first years but there just isn't the space - up to half of students head to Mile End in search of a pad...more on housing Drama productions are so regular and of such good quality that rumour tells of a drama-mine beneath the University. For the less theatrical the SU runs a good bar and London is so close to your doorstep it's seeping through to your welcome mat... more on entertainment

Woohoo: All the fun of London with a campus.
The SU's more foam party than party political.
(020) 7882 5555

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