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Push Talks feedback

Don’t just take our word for it – have a look at what teachers, students, supporters and the press have said about Push Talks…

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From teachers and schools
95% of teachers are ‘very satisfied’ with Push Talks

I've always really enjoyed Push as they engage the audience and make it funny without losing the informative side. I've seen three talks from three separate speakers now, and I like the energy and quirkiness. I want to say something negative but I'm struggling. There are few companies that I recommend to every school I come across, but Push is one of those companies. Informative and funny in equal measure, if you haven't seen Push in action yet, it's not just you who's missing out. It's your students too"
St George's CofE School, Kent.

"I have never before had a whole group (of girls) turn round at the end of a session and straight away say how good it was. Thank you so much. I am now going into extreme budget talks to try to secure some funding in order to get you back next year; it was that good."
Bruton School for Girls, Somerset.

"Push provided an excellent comical and light hearted introduction to university & employability, as well as bringing across excellent and serious concepts."
Herne Bay High School.

"Push talks provided high quality HE advice that resonated with the students. The presentations to the whole year group and smaller groups were entertaining as well as supporting the school's HE programme and values."
Kings Grantham.

"The presentation was outstanding"
Kemnal Technology College.

"I would recommend this talk to all other 6th Forms"
The Grammar School for Girls Wilmington.

"Hit the nail on the head. Just what the students needed. We were all fully captivated."
Carshalton Boys Sports College.

"Having seen the Push Talk at another school I had no hesitation is booking them to come to talk to our Year 11s.  Push were very accomodating in altering the talk to fit around our specific focus i.e. Work Experience & Employability Skills"
St Peter's, Exeter.

"The presenter was both engaging and informative. Push Talks are outstanding."
Windsor Girls' School.

"One of the best presentations we have ever had. I Will certainly be looking to get in touch soon."
Wrenn School.

"Push were extremely inspiring and feedback from both students and parents was extremely positive.  As a result, we will be booking Push talks in the next academic year."
Knutsford Academy.

"Our students were very grateful to you for clearing up a lot of queries they had"
Charles Darwin School

"Entertaining, engaging, funny and comprehensive"
Rosebery School.

"Excellent presentation from a very humorous and informative presenter"
Seaford Head Community College.

The speaker "was so entertaining and we would like to book him, or somebody else next year please"
Gravesend Grammar School for Girls.

"Push got straight onto the student's level and told them things that they simply don't take in when it's delivered by a teacher - but from a young and vibrant speaker they really listened."
St Phiip Howards Sports College.

"Spot on in terms of getting the students engaged in thinking realistically about their future options.  They particularly appreciated the presenter's sense of humour which meant that they did not feel they were being lectured to."
Ely College 6th Form.

"The presenter really connected  with the sixth form students - he was interesting, funny and informative. Most strongly recommended."
St Michael's Catholic.

"The talk "has helped a lot of students focus their searches and develop much more clear plans for the future"
Wellsway School.

"Push talks give students a lighthearted, unpressured overview of the process of choosing the right uni. They help the students make sense of the daunting process, making it all seem much more achievable."
St John the Baptist.

Comprehensive presentation, reinforced all our advice"
Acland Burghley School.

"Thank you very much for an engaging and energetic talk"

Ernest Bevin College.

"Very entertaining and engaging"

La Retraite Roman Catholic Girls School.

"Students really enjoyed and benefited from the presentation"
Uckfield Community Technology College.

Much more suited to the audience than teacher talks. The students really enjoyed it.”
Hornsey School for Girls.

Please carry on!
Bablake School.

From students

93% of 6th formers rate Push Talks as ‘good’ or ‘excellent’.

“Best talk I’ve ever seen.”
J.S., Fearnhill School

"Really engaging & motivating"
P.T., Oundle

"Amazing. So worthwhile".
A.L., Rosebery School

“Very entertaining and informative. I will definitely use the website.”
L.S., Beaconsfield

“Thank you so much, so inspiring.”
M.J., Guilsborough School

"The best speaker we've ever had"
A.B,. Oaks Park High School

From our supporters

“The AGR is proud to be backing Push Talks.”
Carl Gilleard, Chief Executive, The Association of Graduate Recruiters

“Lots of fun, the speakers are fantastic and the students come away knowing a lot of important information,”

The Institute of Careers Guidance
also gave us a National Careers Award in the 14-19 Advice Category, citing the Push Talks as a key factor.

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