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Push Talks FAQs

Got questions? Here's a selection of things that people often ask us about Push Talks. If you've got question marks running round your head, chances are there's an answer for it here.

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What do other people say about Push Talks?
What topics do you cover?
How long is a Push Talk?
How much space do you need for a Push Talk?
Will my school need to provide anything for a Push Talk?
How many students can you speak to?
Is there any support after the Talk?
How do I book a Talk?
Who will be delivering the Talk?
How much does a Talk cost?
When do we have to pay?
Why do we have to pay for a Push Talk?
How do I find out if my school qualifies for a free Talk?

How long is a Push Talk?
Our talks normally last an hour, but we’re a flexible lot (yoga three times a week), so we can fit in with your timetable. We find that it can be a bit of a squeeze to get all the info in under half an hour, so we’d recommend that as a minimum, but other that, wind us up and we’ll keep going as long as you need us to.

How much space do you need for a Push Talk?
We know that space is at a premium in schools. We know it can be tough to find a space and a timeslot big enough for all your year 12 and 13s to get together at the same time. Well, our flexibility also means we can fit into very small or very large spaces. We don’t need bags and bags of room. As long as there’s room for a laptop and a projector/screen, we don’t mind.

We’ve done talks in classrooms, mobile classrooms, science labs, assembly halls, 6th form common rooms, school theatres, gyms, playgrounds and sports fields.

If you’ve got 60 student in year 12 but only find a room that fits 30, then let us know, and we’ll do the talk twice, so everyone gets a chance to hear it.

Will my school need to provide anything?

All we need, in addition to a room and some students to speak to, is a laptop/computer and a projector/screen. If there any problems with providing these things, please let us know, and we’ll do what we can to help.

How many students do you talk to at once?
We’ve spoken to groups large and small, from 30 - 200+. We usually find that a minimum of 30 students is needed to make the talks cost effective for Push and for the school, but there’s no upper limit whatsoever.

We usually speak to groups form years 12 and 13, but we have spoken for groups of year 11 students, sometimes even year 10, international students, mature students, parents and careers advisors. You name it and we’re game.

Support after the talk

We don’t just come in, talk for an hour and leave, never to be threads of again. Once we’re in school, we like to hang around and offer on-going support to students and teachers.

For students
We give every student the chance to sign up to our Push Post Newsletter – a monthly email, full of helpful, clear, independent advice guiding them through the application process, reinforcing key dates and deadlines, and encouraging them to research and think about different things to think about when choosing  and applying to uni. We send newsletters out once a month, and we promise never to spam students, sell their details on to third parties, or try and sell stuff to them.

Each talk finishes with a quick demo of how to use the Push Uni Chooser. If you haven’t had  a look at it, have a look now – it’s the web’s most powerful tool for sifting and sorting through unis, to help find the uni that’s best for each individual students. The Uni Chooser is free to use, and the demo will help show the students how to use it after the talk is over.

For schools
We give each school we visit some of our wonderful Push Posters - a map all the unis in the UK, along with vital stats for easy comparisons across a variety of criteria, from average UCAS entry points, to cost of going out.

How do I book a Talk?
You can book a Talk by giving us a call on 08432 893 990 by emailing dan@push.co.uk or by filling in our online enquiry form here.

After we’ve confirmed details about dates, times, and topics, we’ll send you a confirmation email along with a final booking confirmation form, which you’ll need to sign and return to us, either by email or by snail mail.

We’ll also send you a confirmation email about a week before the Talk, just to check that all the details are still correct.

How much does a Talk cost?

A Push talk costs £395 for a state school and £475 for an independent school. You can read more about our pricing here.

Who will be delivering the Talk?
We’ve got a crack team of amazing Speakers. Intelligent, witty, well informed members of the human race. We will send you the name and contact details of the Speaker who will be visiting your school. You can find out more about our current Speaker Team here.

When do we have to pay?

Once we’ve confirmed all the details and sent you a confirmation email and received your signed booking confirmation, we will issue you an invoice

All Talks are payable, in full, on receipt of an invoice. Please get in touch with us as soon as you can if there any problems processing payments and we’ll see what we can do.

Why do we have to pay for a Push Talk?
The good news is that, thanks to our supports at bestCourse4me, we can offer free Talks nto schools that meet certain criteria. The not so good news, is that we can’t, yet, offer free Talks to everyone. We’d really love to be able to free Talks to all schools, we really would. But we’ve gotta pay the pickle man, and that wolf is never far away from the door.

Push does not receive any money from the government, unlike some other organisations and schemes. This means that we have to make a charge to cover our costs and make sure we can carry on visiting schools.

However, our Talks are very competitively priced, we don’t engage in naked profiteering (or even fully clothed profiteering) and we always offer the best price we can.

How do I find out if my school qualifies for a free Talk?

Pop us an email in the first instance and tell us a bit more a bit your school. We’ll have a few questions to ask you, and then we’ll be able to see if your school the right shape to fit into our free-Talk-shaped hole

Ready to book a Talk? Click here to book a Talk for your school.
Want to chat further? Call us on 08432 893 990 or email dan@push.co.uk

Last updated on: 11 March 2013

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