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Oxford Brookes University


  • Formerly Oxford Polytechnic
Sex ratio (M:F): 41:59 Full-time undergraduates: 11,700
Appications per place: n/a Points range: 80-340
Flunk rate: 12.5% Unemployed after 6mths: 10.7%
Booze Index: £2.48 Av. housing cost per week: £91.24
Av. debt per year: £3,637 Access fund: £590,000

Like the younger sibling, tired of comparisons with their boffin older sibling, Oxford Brookes has long lived in the shadow of University of Oxford unnecessarily. Students here are a lively, sociable bunch ... more on general In terms of traditional academic pursuits, Brookes may not be world leading like its neighbour but its nothing to be sniffed at and was rated excellent in 24 subjects for teaching - higher than any other modern university. .. more on academic Entertainment-wise, Oxford has plenty to offer in term of pubs, but many will be put off by the prices (as well as the number of snobs about) ... more on entertainment The Union is a busy, enthusiastic, high-profile organisation that like a Rottweiler protecting its lamb chops, does a damn fine job of protectings its students and railing against the University whenever the opportunity presents itself... more on social Sport is one of the few things that can drag Brookes students out of the bar and its rep in certain fields - namely rowing, is excellent.  ... more on sports Chances of finding a cheap, decent home in Oxford are slimmer than the Olsen twins pushed through a mangle. Yes, there’s plenty of roofs to get under but all with prices to rival London ... more on accommodation The University’s friendly atmosphere guarantees a shoulder or two to cry on ... more on welfare

Woohoo: Career-based learning in a beautiful city
Boohoo: Things are about as cheap as a bag of chips...wrapped in homespun gold cloth
(01865) 484 715
E-mail: query@brookes.ac.uk
Website: www.brookes.ac.uk

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