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Middlesex University


  • Formerly Middlesex Polytechnic.
  • For info about London in general, including entertainment in the city, travel and accommodation, see this section.
Sex ratio (m/f): 42:58 Full-time undergraduates: 15,405
Applications per place: 4.5
Points range: 180-280
Flunk rate: 24.3% Unemployed after 6mths: 14.7%
Booze Index: £1.85 Av. housing cost per week: £90.00
Av. debt per year: £8,495 Access fund: £751,058

Middlesex used to be a county, now it only really exists as a postal district, a cricket team and a university. Based on three major campuses and four teaching hospitals, the University has sniffed out space at Trent Park, 10ish miles north of Central London, through Hendon and Barnet, towards Enfield and all the way to Dubai...yes, really. The hefty mature student posse puts a different emphasis on things (not the usual fresher-based naughtiness) and being so spread out makes for healthy campus-based competition...more detail There are handfuls of quirky and/or specialised courses, like Complementary Health and Jazz (not together mind) and the Business School is da University's bomb...more on academic London hosts a fine array of night-time debauchery and with virtually no ents, fun can be hard to find on site – as can food after 6pm...more on entertainment The Student Union does its best for students, but the fact that the Uni administration keeps hold of the purse strings and put a private contractor in charge of the bars and eateries means there's more chance of Gordon Brown winning a popularity contest than students getting their own way...more on the SU Most first years get housed near(ish) by and there are fat cash bribes for brainiacs and high-flyers...more on welfare

Woohoo: Business facilities to set Alan Sugar's pulse racing
SU ents are as exciting as a Kinder Egg without the surprise.
(020) 8411 5555
Website: www.mdx.ac.uk

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