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Manchester Metropolitan University


Sex ratio (M:F): 41:59 Full-time undergraduates: 22,816
Applications per place: n/a
Points range: 160-320
Flunk rate: 21.7% Unemployed after 6mths: 12.2%
Booze Index: £1.94 Av. housing cost per week: £60.31
Av. debt per year: £4,765 Access fund: £1,425,117
Cost of living: £££

Together with Manchester and Salford Universities, Manchester Met is part of the largest student population in Europe. It's a bit calmer and more grown-up than its older brother, probably partly due to a high number of local and mature (and local, mature) students...more detail There's unaviodable temptation away from the calm, grown-up side in the form of more pubs, clubs and bars than you can shake an alka-seltzer at, plus some theatres and galleries for those with iron wills...more on entertainment Things are serener still at the satellite sites, 30-odd miles away in Cheshire (remember to check where you’ll end up)... more on sites The main sites, sports facilities and student housing are massaged around Manchester with the main social and admin hub at All Saints, a magnet for trendy types...more on the SU Academic facilities are substantial, although 24 hour facilities sit firmly behind good old fashioned lectures on the Uni's list of priorities...more on studying First years get accommodation guaranteed (including insurance), other years forage for themselves...more on housing The hefty Access Fund is a major bonus for skint undergrads...more on welfare

Woohoo: ‘The London of the North’
Cheshire-based students can miss the fun boat
Tel: (0161) 247 2000


Manchester Metropolitan University (Asna Abdulla)

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