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Push Stats 2010/11

Each year Push visits all the unis in the country collecting loads of data across all areas of student life. Check out our tables to see how unis size up against each other on everything from the price of a room to a price of a pint.

University league table

Want to find the 'best' university? League tables can't tell you the right one for you, but, just for fun, Push has come up with its own criteria to rank them. It's all arbitrary, but Push's criteria are perhaps more relevant to most students than the ones certain newspapers use for their league tables. Click here to see Push's league table.

For the methodology,
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(You'd be better off creating your own 'league table' here.)

University Profiles

Push is the only organisation to visit every uni in person every year to provide the most detailed, most independent guide to all the UK's universities.
Read the uni profiles
We've got it wrong? Okay, so review a uni for yourself
How to choose the right uni for you
How to use the profiles
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University clubs, societies and teams

Find out whether there's rock at Reading or karate at Keele in this detailed table of clubs and societies. More

University entrance requirements

A quick-reference diagram to help you narrow down where to study, depending entirely on what UCAS points you have or expect to get. More