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Harper Adams University College


Sex Ratio (M:F): 58:42 Full-time undergraduates: 2,170
Applications per place:2 Points range: 180-300
Flunk rate: 7.9% Unemployed after 6mths: 3.5%
Booze Index: £2.03 Av. housing cost per week: £68.63
Av. debt per year: £6,707 Access fund: n/a

Harper Adams is a small, self-contained college set in 700 acres of rural Shropshire and has its own 343 hectare working farm...more detail. The College runs a highly specialised set of subjects concentrating on land and agricultural studies... more on academic. Given the town's lack of entertainment, the bulk of the fun has to come from the Union and thankfully they do a sterling job...more on entertainment. For a little'un, Harper has a lot to offer sporty types...more on sport. First years live on campus, then they fend for themselves in Newport from the second year...more on accommodation. The older buildings can be tricky to access, but Harper attracts a lot of disabled students, so they must be doing something right...more on welfare.

Woohoo: Drool over the impressive graduate employment record.
Boohoo: If nowhere has a middle, this is it.

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