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Exams are on their way out and that big yellow thing in the sky suggests it’s about time too. If you're in year 12, you may have been thinking about how to spend your fast approaching summer? And for year 13s, there are some deadlines for accepting or rejecting places before you skip, carefree into the sunny horizon in your skimpies.

If you're in year 12

If you're in year 13

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If you're in Year 12

As the exam train slows down and the summer stretches out like a bungee rope, now’s the time to think about how you're going to fill the weeks. Between all the sunbathing, the mud at Glastonbury and the endless Netflix, there's  time to think about what you want to study at uni and where. Also how can you use the time to help make sure you get the place you want? 

With that in mind, here are three quick tips:

1. If you're thinking of doing a course which asks for a portfolio or examples of your work, use the Summer to pull it together.

2. Every uni wants students who are dedicated to their subject. Show your commitment by doing some relevant volunteering, work experience or just some reading linked to your studies.

3. If you've got questions about a course, phone the uni department to ask. Not only is it a good way to get the answer, it's a chance to show your enthusiasm.

If you're in Year 13

If you've got all your offers and made your decision: You need to let UCAS know which is your number one 'firm' choice and which is your back-up ('insurance') option. If you haven't already, you need to do this by 25 June at the very latest. If you missed any of our tips on sifting and sorting through offers, you can catch up here.

If you've heard from all the unis you applied to but you didn't get any offers (or none you liked): You can still apply to other courses through UCAS Extra until 2 July.

If you still haven't applied: Where've you been? Don't worry, the party isn't quite over yet. There's still time to sneak in an application by 30 June. After then, your only option is the scrum of clearing or wait till next year.

What's New?

Open up to the idea...

Some people choose to spend three years of their lives at a uni without even spending three hours there first. Crazy, obviously?

Open days are the perfect chance to snoop around, get a feel for what will be important to you and whether this place is your ‘it’. If you haven’t been to any already, there’s still time. London is easy to reach from most of the country – particularly if you’re starting there – and so we’re happy to remind you that the University of East London has an open day on June 20th
UEL has modern facilities, a wider range of courses than most unis (over 90) and, with 19,000 students from over 120 countries, it’s also more diverse. Sound like something you might be interested in? Book here. Even if you only want to get something to compare other unis to, an open day can be an eye-opener. 

Click here to see some other upcoming open days.

In the news

Don't let yourself go barking mad

Push has been keeping their eyes peeled for new and exciting ways to blow off that exam steam and we just might have found the best one yet...

As part of their study break, Veterinary Science students in the University of Surrey invited Pets as Therapy (PAT) into their classrooms to give the students some well earned relaxation time with 9 of their cuddliest dogs. Apart from relieving stress, one student said the dogs helped remind her of why she wanted to be a vet in the first place. Of course, you don't have to study Veterinary Science to enjoy the dogs.


Lol Brb Bbz Kk Ttyl Ly <3 Rofl… erm, ok

A psychiatrist has warned that the increase in smartphone use has children as young as 5 displaying “borderline autistic” behaviours. Iain McGilchrist told the Telegraph about cases he has heard of where teachers have had to tell their Year 1 pupils what certain facial expressions mean he says this is due to young children being unable to read facial expressions or show empathy. Iain reckons this is down to children watching television or tablet screens instead of getting out and about with their friends.


Work hard, play... Forget it, just work harder

By now, you’ll probably have had your fill of university based advice. From tips on how to keep your costs low to how little work you can get away with doing in your first year. According to experts, now the last one isn’t looking so likely. Universities might not judge you too harshly on the grades you get in your first year of uni. In fact, many only expect you to pass your courses to get into second year. Future employers, however, aren’t being quite so generous. Employers now look for consistent good grades from day one rather than a good grade from a single year of overstretching yourself. Consider this your timely warning.

Last updated on: 22 June 2015

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