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Staffordshire University


  • Formerly Staffordshire Polytechnic
Sex Ratio (M:F): 50:50 Full-time undergraduates: 10,895
Applications per place: 5
Points range: 200-300
Flunk rate: 10% Unemployed after 6mths: 9%
Booze Index: £1.83 Av. housing cost per week: £61.27
Av. debt per year: £8,498 Access fund: £731,325
Cost of living: ££

Deep in the heart of the north-west Midlands, Staffordshire University’s split up into three sites, one on the outskirts of market town Stafford and two others in ex-industrial Stoke. The latter is friendly, artsy and has a warm community feel about it, while Stafford is home to boozier, geekier types (Computing and Engineering are based here)...more detail Lots of students are on part-time or professional courses and the teaching’s got a good rep across a range of (sometimes offbeat) subjects – Geography’s got a fair bit of kudos...more on academic Stoke’s the more mighty of the two towns when it comes to nightlife, with tons of welcoming pubs and a burgeoning club scene...more on entertainment There’s a wide participation in sports (but a middling performance in the student league) and even a football technology degree for the really keen...more on sports  Rooms in halls are cheap, fairly plush, most are en suite and all include bedding, crockery, TV licensing, insurance and a host of other goodies...more on housing There are 30 scholarships available to locals and around £85,000 in reserve for hardship loans...more on welfare

Woohoo: Cutting-edge teaching technology…
…not much in the way of books
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