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Aberystwyth University


Sex ratio (M:F): 47:53
Full-time u'grads: 8.050
Applications per place: 3.05
Points range: 80-340
Flunk rate: 17.4% Unemployed after 6mths: 11.0%
Booze Index: £1.88 Av. housing cost per week: £69.15
Av. debt per year: £5,880 Access fund: £500,000

Aberystwyth – or ‘Aber’ as it's lazily known – is sitting pretty on the mid-Wales coast. It’s a quiet seaside town, miles away from… well everywhere, really. The hills, bay and river trickling through the town offer an inspiring backdrop... more detail The town’s small and student-dominated, making it hard to get around without running into friends and arch-nemeses alike. All courses get a thumbs up, but special credit goes to History and International Politics... more on academic Sport is strong and watersports abound – Aber is nearly top of the list when it comes to getting wet and sweaty... more on sports With five studios to prance in, drama’s another biggie. The charity Rag is one of the largest in the UK and environmental issues get the Aber lot all fired up... more on the SU All first years live in and there’s a wide array of quality accommodation, from the giant student village to the cutesy little pads on the seafront... more on housing There’s a fistful of scholarships up for grabs, not that much gets grabbed around here – Aber’s got the lowest crime rate in Britain... more on welfare

Woohoo: Like being on holiday at the seaside for three years
Boohoo: The massive treck to get anywhere


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